A Historic Gift

New Braunfels, Texas was originally founded in 1845 with 342 lots of land. At that time, German settler Joseph Franciscus Schertz purchased Lot 110 (210 W. Mill Street). Schertz erected a building in 1881 which later burned down thus leaving his lot undeveloped…until now!

After moving to New Braunfels in 2014 and through a series of serendipitous connections and meetings; Erica and Lark Mason, of Lark Mason Associates and iGavelAuctions.com have become the new owners of this historic lot. But you might ask, “What about that old house?”

The antique farmhouse was originally located out on Hunter Road and was later moved 1-35 to be part of the Log Haus Antique Market. When the Mason’s learned that all the historic structures at the Log Haus Antique Market were slated for redevelopment, they investigated and ultimately decided to buy and preserve the largest building, with significant German provenance.

The Mason’s then met Kathy Nichols who then introduced them to Rick Reed, board member with the Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture, who shared the house’s interesting history.

Later, both Kathy Nichols and Amy McWhorter (Downtown Development Coordinator & Historic Preservation Officer) both introduced the Mason’s to Lot 110’s owners, Jeff & Denise Mund. Upon hearing the Mason’s ideas to preserve and restore the German structure and to ideally put the old farmhouse somewhere in downtown New Braunfels, the Mund’s agreed to sell Lot 110 so that it too could be taken back to its historic roots.

From there, with support from the Main Street Program, the Mason’s got permission from the City of New Braunfels officials to move the farmhouse from 1-35 to Lot 110. So, coming full circle, Lot 110 is now home to an 1850 German farmhouse, a true “historic gift” to downtown New Braunfels.   

Erica and Lark Mason are not only committed to protecting New Braunfels history, but to also enriching our beloved downtown. If you have not already connected with Lark Mason Associates on Facebook, we invite you to do so. We will post updates on the farmhouse as well as information about the iGavel Auctions Exhibition Hall Grand Opening coming in 2017!